Thursday, 18 May 2017

Week 3 of Digital Immersion Intensive

Today we reflected on what the CREATE portion of learn-create-share means to us. We looked at children's blog posts and thought about how much of an opportunity to create was included in their work. We came together in groups through Google Hangouts (video of our Hangout at the bottom) and looked at the opportunities for learner empowerment and agency while becoming familiar with the tools that Google Hangouts has to offer.
Norah-Jade's Blog Post
I learned to organise my Gmail more efficiently using settings and filters. It even looks much prettier now that I have discovered the Themes option. My Calendar is organised to include the school calendars as well as those of my colleagues.

The most exciting thing I discovered today however, had to do with Google Keep. I had been using it for a little while as a post-it note type service but today I discovered two new things I can do with it! I love the ability to strip text from an image, and then transfer that into a Google Doc. Also, being able to voice record my notes could make my multi-tasking life a lot easier.

I look forward to seeing what next week has in store for us.

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  1. It was great hanging out with you last week and I really appreciate you taking the time to reflect and share the learning from the session. I hope the tools help streamline your workflow somewhat.

    Dorothy is an expert Google Keeper and even I learned things in the session, so I'm very much with you around it being the most exciting thing!