Thursday, 11 May 2017

Digital Intensive Session 2

Today was my second digital intensive session. We have been focussing on the Create portion of the Manaiakalani Learn-Create-Share philosophy.

It was lots of fun today designing forms and quizzes to find out more about each other at our Digital Intensive day. It has been really interesting to see the different ways forms can be used. I like the way data is easily graphed and transferred into a Google Spreadsheet. We even looked at plotting peoples' location answers on (As well as pinning the locations of our cars on our phones!)

I am hoping to utilise Google Forms on the i-pads in the class as it seems like they would be quite straight forward for the kids to follow. I have made a Google Form pick-a-path Maths test which was an experiment in children following basic facts questions at their level. Now that I have made one, I could see myself making more for Writing and Reading activities in particular.

I look forward to taking lots of clever tricks and tips back to my team at school.

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