Sunday, 22 October 2017

Maths Inquiry - Term 4.

Term 4 is already one week down and only eight more to go! With such a busy term ahead of me I think it is important to keep my Inquiry goals realistic and achievable.

I have started this term's approach to Maths by thinking about engaging the children with WHY we learn Maths and the implications their knowledge base has on their daily lives. Week 1 was a whole class focus on money. It was great to see who had prior knowledge in this area and just how many could apply their skip-counting in tens (for instance,) to counting up their 'real world' money. They all enjoyed the hands on element of getting their own little 'wallet' full of real-looking money, which resulted in a high level on engagement with the tasks.

With testing coming up there needs to be a focus on revision but also on doing their best in the test. In previous tests I have found that while I know they have the knowledge or strategy to solve a problem they don't always know when to apply that. So, revision through problem solving is my focus for the first part of the term with the second half switching to fun, engagement and strand knowledge building.