Monday, 15 May 2017

Inquiry, Term 2 - Where to from here?

I have been working really hard at making Explain Everything activities tailored to my students' needs. These have been easier to do with my Reading Groups than with my Maths Groups, but I'm working on changing that.

This week, I made two EEs targeted towards my whole class Maths lessons on Fractions, and I am really proud of how they got the students to both reflect on their learning and extend it. The first one was a follow-up reflection on a really hands on lesson, and the second was more of an assessment of their learning. By taking and using photos of the hands on sessions, the students felt that it was really their personal learning that they were working on.

I look forward to many more learning opportunities truly tailored to my learners, while extending my practice with my colleagues' awesome resources that I have at my disposal.

I hope I might even pick up a new skill or two to use on the i-pads from the digital immersion intensive that I am currently taking part in.


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