Thursday, 15 June 2017

Sites, sites, sites: connecting with the world.

We have been exploring sites at today's Digital Intensive session. It has been great to see how different teachers at different schools present their lessons to their students.

Dorothy began the day by reminding us of the importance and power that comes from the connections we make, be it through blogging, our public sites, our Google+ community or professional development days like today.

I have really enjoyed having the time to fix up the little things that have been bugging me about my own site. Here is the criteria we came up with for what makes an effective site:

User Experience
Using space effectively
Keep it looking basic not busy
Following conventional layout rules eg white spaces
Commonality- Reading/Writing/Maths

Interconnected pages
Engaging (resources)
Learning is easy to find
Main elements are obvious- landing page has important info

Do you think my site reflects these?

In my own practice I have definitely been improving my visibility and connectivity with the world through my class blog, and encouraging the children to blog on a much more regular basis.
Please feel free to check them out here and leave your comments.

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  1. Great that you had this time to wrestle with your class Site Charlotte. I find it does make a difference when you have people in the same room who can help you with the tricky bits too! I love seeing your learners blog posts. They are going to enjoy looking back at these years down the track.