Sunday, 3 December 2017

Reflecting on my Maths Inquiry for 2017

This final term has gone so fast!

I have been reflecting on my journey this year and the progress that my class has made on the whole. I am really proud of how so many of them have stepped up to show their readiness for Year 3 next year.

Looking specifically at my Inquiry focus of Making Maths more Fun and Engaging for Students, I feel I have for the most part accomplished what I set out to do. I have a group of particularly enthusiastic, self-motivated, high-achievers in Maths who actively enjoy achieving new personal bests. Even the lower achievers academically, seem to enjoy practising Maths at their level and seeing the progress that they themselves are making at their Basic Facts too.

Next year, I would like to include more Strand Maths in my teaching on an ongoing basis rather just in short blocks throughout the year. I have held back from focussing in these areas in the past for fear of it impacting negatively on Number Knowledge, Add/Sub, Mult/Div and Place Value learning but I now feel more equipped to incorporate these elements alongside a Strand focus such as Measurement.

While not all my students have progressed to 'At' or 'Above' the National Standard in Maths for their level, I feel attitudes have improved towards Maths across the board and a good number of my students will continue to practise their Basic Facts at home over the holiday period.

Jo Knox PD with my target group
Addressing that monkey/banana problem from JAM.

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