Friday, 18 August 2017

Jo Knox and the Maths Wall

We were fortunate enough to have Jo Knox spend some time with our team this week, explaining and modelling the teaching of fractions. Particularly in moving Stage 2-4 kids on to Stage 5.

I have been struggling to find a specific enough inquiry to focus on this term, instead I have been feeling overwhelmed with ideas and pulled in all sorts of directions as to what I want to work on first, or problems that I am currently facing.

As I covered fractions earlier this year, and intend to revisit them more in depth next term, I instead want to focus on another point that Jo made in our session. She showed us an impressive video of a teacher's Maths Wall, and how that teacher uses the wall on a daily basis, over a short space of time to revisit and cement learning across a wide range of Maths learning areas.

This got me thinking about the value in daily rituals, where learning is taking place in a brief but meaningful way. I want to explore how I can develop this idea in my own classroom. I like the idea of sneaking more learning in throughout the day, in fun and engaging ways.

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