Wednesday, 5 July 2017

My Inquiry: Planning for Maths

Ahead of meeting in our Inquiry groups for the end of term, I was reflecting on how much I have learned at the Digital Fluency Intensive, and also the amount of time this has taken me out of the classroom for. I am really looking forward to having my Fridays back in class so that we can finish all our learning for the week off properly together!

I have learned a lot about working smarter, not harder, when it comes to using digital devices and want to bring this over to my planning process for Maths. I have found planning for Maths to be more time consuming and laborious than planning for Reading or Writing. Here are some challenges I have identified and my presentation on what I could do to address these.

  • Planning for Maths seems to take so long!
  • NZ Maths - teacher instructional lesson
  • Explain Everythings to follow-up
  • 4 x groups, and the varying confidence and abilities within those groups across different contexts
  • Can I make a resource to cut this planning time down and streamline my thinking?

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