Thursday, 1 June 2017

Maths Testing Fun!

I have really enjoyed the last week in my class. Aside from our exciting museum trip, we have also had a real love of learning in the classroom.

I designed a simple addition Maths test using Google Forms. The children did this for the first time on Monday, and then again Tuesday and Wednesday. I was pleased at how easily they could fill in the form using their i-pads and loved how quickly I could mark and compare their results using Flubaroo in Google Sheets.

It is great how the one test caters to all the children in my class. I give them 5 minutes to complete it and stress how I just want them to get 1 more correct than they did the day before. My lowest improved from 2, to 6, to 9 and my highest from 44, to 53, to 57 (out of 57!). They are actually excited to take the test and enjoy the change from the usual Explain Everythings.

We have also started simple animations on our i-pads which I look forward to sharing on their blogs.

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